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Oh when the Saint go marching Downtown!
June 27th, 2009 12:27 AM

The Saint Paul Saints are testing the waters for a new stadium to be built in Lowertown of all places!  The site they picked will help heal the wounds of the LRT train wash in my mind - the Diamond Products site!!  I personally can't think of a better fit for the site, right on the edge of downtown, close to the freeway systems, and ample parking to the South and East.  This will be an absolute boon to home prices right around this area.  I talked to one owner in the MarketHouse building that was torn.  He was excited about the prospects of having a new stadium across the street and what that would do to his home value, but on the other hand, he'd have to sell the loft in order to capitalize on it.  "Why would I want to move?  I'd be living across the street from the Saints Stadium!"

I really need to get my rear in gear, as I don't have much time to buy the naming right to the building ;)

EDIT: Updated photo with a better shot of the actual location.

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Posted by Bud Kleppe on June 27th, 2009 12:27 AMPost a Comment

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