Mounds Park & Battle Creek Neighborhoods

This area is broken into two distinct neighborhoods; Mounds Park and Battle Creek.

Mounds Park features many older homes and a great deal of St. Paul’s ancient history!  The most prominent feature in the neighborhood is Mounds Park, an old Indian burial ground.  It is right on the Mississippi River bluff surrounded by a gorgeous park.  Amazing scenic overlooks, walking trails, and a recreational park are all located in the area and attracts visitors from all over the state.

Battle Creek is in the South East edge of St. Paul.  Although it’s part of St. Paul proper, it feels a lot like the suburbs because the lot sizes tend to be larger, it’s very wooded, and many of the homes were built post World War 2.  Battle Creek Park is the highlight of this section of neighborhood.  It is acres of woods, trails, and a creek.  The trail connects to the Samuel Morgan  trail, which extends over 30 miles, all the way to Stillwater!

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4th Quarter 2009 Statistics:

Total Sales:

Average Sales Price:

Average Size:
1,776 Sq Ft

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