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Have You Heard How Great Interest Rates Are?
July 22nd, 2010 12:38 PM

Currently 30 year fixed rate loans are 4.5%, a historic low rate.  Wonder hwo much difference that makes in your monthly payment?

If you borrow $200,000, here's the math:

Principal and interest payments at:

4.5% are $1013 (apr = 4.83%)
5.5% are $1135 (apr = 5.83%)
6.5% are $1264 (apr = 6.83%)

Todays inciedibly low rates can save you $251/month over a rate of 6.5%.  Over the life of a mortgage, that's over $90,000 total savings!

Don't miss these great rates!

We recommend getting your loan with Doreen Drake with PHH Home Loans.  She's never let us down.  AND, if you get your loan through Doreen, and use a St. Paul Home Realty agent to buy, we'll pay your appraisal fee (aprox $400 value) Hurry, this offer ends on September 1st 2010.

She can be reached at 651-276-3141 or


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