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Happy Memorial Day!
May 26th, 2008 12:48 AM

Amelia and Bud

Yesterday the family and I walked down to the Vive Minnesota event at Harriet Island.  While the festival was VERY small, we had a great time!  Bud and I were more “Vive” when we ordered some spicy pork tacos (mmmm!), and our 3 year old was more “Minnesota” with her corndog.  The music was great, the weather was perfect, it was a very enjoyable day.  We were reminded about the River Boat Grill – a restaurant that I have yet to go to (I never think of it when we’re deciding where to go for dinner).  It is now “next on our list” for when we get a free night to go out to dinner.

After spending a few hours on Harriet Island, we started walking home, only to come across an old car “show” on Kellogg Blvd.  We knew of this car show that was started up by police Chief Finney (Ret), but we didn’t know that the tradition continued after he retired.  It was great fun!  Remember when University Avenue used to attract all the old cars on Saturday nights?  The old cars would “cruise” the strip, stop at Porkys, and provide cheap entertainment for people of all ages…  Well, some years ago the oldies stopped going down there only to be replaced with newer model cars appealing mainly to a young crowd.  If you want to see some of the old cars again, stop by Kellogg Blvd on a Saturday night.  You can’t miss it, they close the street for it.

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Have a safe and fun Memorial Day!!

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