Crocus Hill Neighborhood

When people think of St. Paul, they often think of Crocus Hill.  Divided into two distinct areas, Crocus has a lot of history and flavor.  Summit Avenue is the backbone of the neighborhood, and is known as the longest stretch of mansions on a single road in the United States.  Walking tours, garden tours, and home tours are often offered for the tourists that frequent this gorgeous avenue.

South of Summit Avenue is the part of Crocus that has been on of Saint Paul's most upper bracket and established neighborhoods for decades.  It features mansions that were built in the late 1800's, and is also home to Grand Avenue and its many trendy shops and restaurants.

North of Summit is often times known as "Cathedral Hill" because it is home to the St. Paul Cathedral.  This neighborhood is an eclectic  collection of very old Victorian houses, carriage houses, and converted mansions.  Selby Avenue is very charming and features a lot of independent restaurants, coffee houses, bars, and shops.  It's a more bohemian version of Grand Avenue.

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4th Quarter 2009 Statistics

Total Sales:

Average Sales Price: $328,171

Average Size:
1,856 Sq Ft

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